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About CK

Chaiken Klorfein LLC

Fredric Chaiken and Stephen Klorfein met while representing mutual clients. After being encouraged by several of those clients to join forces, they did so in a larger-firm context in the early 1990s. They formed their current firm in May, 2004 to more effectively and efficiently serve their clients' interests.

The relationships that have developed between Mr. Chaiken and Mr. Klorfein and their clients are typically longstanding. One of the reasons for this is their ability to integrate their different core competencies to serve most, if not all, of their client's legal needs.

States Mr. Chaiken: "Clients know that we put their interests first. If it is a matter of intense 'bet the company' litigation or sensitive tax or estate planning, clients count on us."

Steve Klorfein adds: "Our individual clients stay with us because we take care of them as if they were the biggest corporate client, while our corporate clients have been with us sometimes for twenty or more years because we know they are made up of individuals and we treat them like family."

Chaiken Klorfein, LLC was formed to provide individuals and businesses with trusted, highly skilled legal representation in a personable, friendly, small firm atmosphere and quickly succeeded in that objective. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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